The most saucy collab everrr

BAVET x Komrads x Vedett 2 | Bavet
These sneakers shoe'd be on your feet!

We are thrilled to announce a unique collaboration between three Belgian brands. Together with Vedett & Komrads, we designed a sneaker that’s 100% sustainable and 101% pure swag! To win these sick kicks is pretty easy:
1. Between April 26th and May 26th, visit your favorite BAVET restaurant*
2. Order a 'The Holy Grail' or 'The Holy Mary’ with a Vedett. The best of both worlds, YUMMY!
3. Get a scratch card and find out if you’re one of the lucky bastards!
4. Hurry up, because only 140 pairs are available!

*Action not valid in Kortrijk & BAVET Kiosk.

: We are absolutely responsible for all the groupies that will follow your footsteps.

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