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Bavet Saucial Club, Say whaaaaat?!

Are you a true BAVET fan? Then you won’t want to miss this app!

BIG NEWS! We have just renewed our super duper loyalty app. More sauciness, more fun! YAY!

As an exclusive member of the 'BAVET Saucial Club', you have all the benefits of Bavet right in your pocket! Collect B-Points for every euro spent and get access to free Bavet products and many more fancy rewards! K’CHING!

1. Eat-in, Delivery or Take-out: collect B-points for every Bavet experience.
2. Unlock exclusive rewards in no time. (Free food & drinks, baby!)
3. New special? New BAVET restaurant on the block? Be the first to know about BAVET novelties.
4.Get early access to events.

Download 'Bavet Saucial Club' now and get your first B-points for free!

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