Bavet Carpet

Schermafbeelding 2020 10 01 om 14 52 44 | Bavet
Bavet Carpet nights // October 2020

Due to the current covid-19 situation, we were obliged to cancel all events for 2020. But as life goes on, we've decided to restart our very carefully, under the right conditions.

Who's in?

We're happy to welcome jazzband 'Get Some Wine' in Bavet Hooiaard (Gent) on the 15th of October. At the same time we'll have 'Livio Luzzi' hosting an intimate live session at Bavet Rue du Bailli (Brussels)).

On the 22nd of October Get Some Wine will host another Carpet night at Bavet Nationalestraat (Antwerp).

What to do if you want to be a part of the Bavet Carpet night? We'll work with reservations only so just book your table in the restaurant online. There's no additional fee for the concert as its hosted by Bavet, especially for you!

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