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BAVET is a fast-growing restaurant collection, with currently 15 locations, focused on serving awesome spaghetti bowls. A venue created to bring people together as a shared community, hosting delicious spaghetti dinners served with the right amount of happiness yet rock ‘n roll, accompanied by your friends, family and possibly new lovers.

Our job openings
Restaurant manager 2
Restaurant Manager // Maastricht
Restaurant Manager // Ghent
Assistant Manager 5
Assistant Manager // Mechelen
Assistant Manager // Maastricht
Assistant Manager // Ghent
Assistant Manager // Hasselt
Assistant Manager // Kortrijk
Chef 6
Chef // Mechelen
Chef // Maastricht
Chef // Hasselt
Chef // Ghent
Chef // Kortrijk
Chef // Kiosk Leuven
Shiftleader 6
Shiftleader // Ghent
Shiftleader // Mechelen
Shiftleader // Maastricht
Shiftleader // Hasselt
Shiftleader // Kortrijk
Shiftleader // Kiosk Leuven
Students // Flexi's // Extra's 1
Students // Flexi's // Extra's
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