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Beersspaghetti | Bavet
The Bavet Experience

The beating heart of Bavet is of course the Belgian spaghetti, made with love. But there’s much more..

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But yet rock’n roll?

Find our menu written on an authentic LP cover and the seasonals inside the cover on the original black vinyl records. OMG you found a red plate inside!? You lucky bastard, you can have the spaghetti you’ve ordered on the house!

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What’s in a lifestyle?

Are you in for a good laugh, some music vibes or do you have some sporty goals to achieve? Welcome at Bavet! Join us on a comedy night or a cosy carpet concert in one of our restaurants.

Prevent that racing bike from rusting and be part of our next Bicyclet social ride, with the necessary carb reload in good company at the finish!

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The charming lifestyle brand behind Bavet. Hoodies to keep you warm, Cycling wear that offers great support, socks to keep both feet on the ground and so much more.

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Our Bavet Bicyclet concept is about the perfect combination between a challenging social ride and the satisfying carb reload afterwards. Subscribe with your cycling friends and meet up with other cycling heroes at one of our Bavet restaurants.

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Home of sales on wheels // catering concept.
More info coming soon!

Schermafbeelding 2020 10 05 om 11 19 40 | Bavet

Where there is a Bavet, there’s a carpet! Think about: Live music sessions // Comedy shows // inspiring sessions with Bavet Angels // Creating magic.

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