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As an exclusive member of BAVET Saucial Club, you have all the benefits of Bavet right in your pocket! Collect B-Points for every euro spent and get access to free Bavet products and many more fancy rewards! YAY!

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Free holiness, awesome promotions and other cool stuff.

Collect B-points to unlock free holiness, get front row access to awesome promotions and be the first to know about Bavet novelties and other cool stuff.

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    Collect B-Points for each € spent

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Frequently asked

What is the Saucial Club app?

The Saucial Club App is an awesome loyalty program that allows you to save B-Poins and exchange them for benefits or free products at Bavet. It's also a great way to keep up to date with the latest news from Bavet: promotions, new products, openings… In other words: not to be missed!

How does this Saucial Club App work?

The principle is to save B-Points in different ways. Every time you place an order at Bavet and have your Saucial ID scanned, you receive B-Points which are added to your account. In addition, there are bonuses that allow you to receive extra B-Points. Afterwards, you can exchange your B-Points for free Bavet products. Easy peasy!

How to access this awesome application?

The application can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I get the Saucial ID (QR code) that I need to scan at the checkout?

When you create your profile in the application, you will automatically receive a unique code, as well as a personalized QR code.

Is the Saucial Club app free?

Yes, my friend, access to the application is free, as is the application itself. Saving B-Points is therefore completely free of charge. YAY!

What is the purpose of the code linked to my Saucial ID?

This is a unique 8-digit code that is linked to your profile. In case the scan of your QR code at the checkout doesn't work, our Baveteer at the checkout can encode it manually to identify you, and in this way, grant you the B-Points you are entitled to.

Can someone else use my Saucial ID on their smartphone?

No way! Your Saucial ID and QR code are unique and personalised.

Can I also get B-Points with an online order (delivery)?

Yes you can enter your VAT ticket number in the app to get your points from your delivery order.

How are my purchases taken into account in the Saucial Club App?

If you show your personalised QR code to our Baveteer at the checkout, he will scan your QR code. At that moment your order is translated into B-Points. This is the amount shown on your receipt, after deduction of any discounts.

Is there a limit to the amount of purchases that can be made on the Saucial Club App?

Everything you order and pay for is reflected in the Saucial Club App. But there is a limit of 5.000 B-Points in your account. After that you start saving points again.

How many B-Points will I receive per euro spent?

Every euro you spend entitles you to 1 B-Point.

How many times a day can I collect points?

You can scan your Saucial ID 3 times a day.

After how long are my B-Points cancelled?

If you have not visited Bavet for 12 months, Bavet reserves the right to cancel and remove your B-Points and related benefits.

What can I exchange my B-Points for?

You can exchange your B-Points for all products in the Saucial Club App.

How are B-Points and coupons validated?

Each B-Points and coupon exchange is unique. Therefore only valid once per profile and per ticket.

Can I use a "free product" benefit more than once?

If you have enough B-Points, you can exchange them for the same free product when you place your next order.

Does the 'Saucial Club app' also work in the Bavet Kiosk (Leuven)?

Our 'Saucial Club app' is not applicable to the Leuven Kiosk at this time. Don't worry: you will be the first to know when the loyalty system is available in our Kiosk!

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