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Reusable packaging in our restaurants

As you might know, or not know we really care about our planet at Bavet. We're always trying to fight the waste in our restaurants, whether it's about the food, the packaging or consumption in general. Last year we started a test case with Red-Use and we're happy to tell you a bit more about this future proof collab! Daniëlle from Red-use has answered some questions for us.

What is Red-use?
Red-use offers an all-in alternative for the disposable packaging in the growing take-out culture. The Red-use bowls are offered to the customers in the restaurants and in exchange for a deposit you can choose to take your favourite food out in a reusable bowl. Every bowl has an unique QR-code that leads you to the webapp (packback.app), on which the customer can ask his cashback when they return the bowl. They can drop-off the bowl in their preferred drop-off point, and they are collected by Red-use on a weekly base. The bowls get cleaned professionally and they go back into circulation. This process makes sure that the hustle for the restaurant crew is limited.

Why did you create Red-use?

Red-use is a part of Durafest, their mission is to suppress the waste in the event & horeca industry. Durafest finds it obvious that the production and the recycling of the bowls is a local engagement, this results in packaging that is 100% Belgian. It's their objective to make sure that every bowl gets used 200 times before it's recycled.

What's the goal for Red-use?

It's their goal to become a habit/standard in the daily life in every Belgian city. We compare it with the crates that are used for the storage of beer bottles, you can't imagine buying 24 bottles without the crate.

How do you look at the collab with Bavet?
Bavet has been one of the first horeca brands with whom we spoke about the idea. The crew was very enthusiastic about the concept and they helped us to finetune the idea. It's the goal to introduce Red-use in every Bavet restaurant. We look at Bavet as an important ambassador of the Red-use project.

Why is it important for the Bavet customer to get to know Red-use?

Reusable packaging is the future. There's already a lot of attention that goes to recycling, but we're doing really well when we can recycle at the end of a really long process of reuse.

Inspired? Look at the Red-use introduction movie here.

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